Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Are you interested in learning more about dental implants for yourself or a loved one but concerned you may not be a candidate for treatment? Dental implants are needed when the tooth structure as well as the tooth root are severely damaged or have been removed. Even if you don’t need a tooth replacement at this time, it is better to be informed and prepared should the need arise suddenly.

The Tooth Replacement Option That Can Change Your Life

We know that it can be upsetting when you are missing a tooth and are struggling to choose a tooth replacement option. We also know that it can be extremely frustrating when you have a tooth replacement option that is continuously breaking and you need to visit our office for repairs or adjustments. If you are looking for an option that offers a permanent finish that blends in beautifully with your natural teeth, then we have the perfect choice for you — Dental Implants.

Important Information About Tooth Extractions

Our main goal is to help you achieve the ultimate in dental health, and while that usually means that we try everything we can to save your teeth, there are times when it is just not possible. A tooth extraction could be needed for a number of reasons such as extreme dental decay, severe injury to the tooth, advanced periodontal disease, illness, or effects from medication. Children frequently need to have teeth extracted to make room for adult teeth to grow or before starting orthodontic treatment. A tooth extraction is when the entire tooth, including the root, is removed from the mouth.

Do You Have Trouble Eating Or Speaking Clearly?

Have you been suffering with a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth? Do you find that tooth loss makes everyday activities such as eating or speaking clearly more difficult? While there are several treatments to restore missing teeth, there is one in particular that stands out for its durable and long lasting results. Read on to find out more.

Implants: A Long-Lasting Solution To Missing Teeth

Are missing teeth getting in the way of ordinary activities such as chewing, speaking and even smiling? Do you find yourself trying to cover the gap in your teeth because you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your smile? Many patients who have dealt with these same conditions turned to dental implants as a reliable and long-lasting solution to the problems that accompany missing teeth.