Dental Emergency Tips

We hope that you are having an amazing summer spending time doing your favorite activities. With any activity, there is always the potential for an accident or emergency to happen. Even something as simple as a stumble or bump can cause damage to your teeth and mouth. A dental injury can range from something simple such as a bite on the tongue to something as severe as the loss of a tooth. The most important thing to do when dealing with any form of emergency is to remain calm and access the situation. We want to help you be prepared if you should encounter a dental emergency this summer.

Straighten Your Teeth At Any Age

Would you love to straighten your teeth but feel like your age is holding you back from inquiring about treatment? We are here to tell you that there is never a wrong time in your life to straighten your teeth. With the advancements in technology, receiving orthodontic treatment as an adult has never been easier. In fact, we offer a treatment that is virtually invisible, leaving many of our patients feeling more comfortable as their appearance does not drastically change while receiving orthodontic care. Interested in learning more? Continue reading to learn about this popular orthodontic treatment.

Four Options For Replacing A Missing Tooth

At Kewaskum Family Dentistry, we care about the health and well-being of our patients. We know that patients who have experienced tooth loss are more likely to feel self-conscious and even may have feelings of depression. We want to work with these patients to help them choose a tooth replacement option as soon as possible. Our goal is to listen to and answer any questions about each treatment option and guide our patients to a choice that is most beneficial to their lifestyle and budget. We want to ensure that you are comfortable and understand whichever process you choose.

It’s Easy To Improve Your Smile!

Would you love to make a change to your smile that you can enjoy during the summer season and beyond? We often have patients mention they would love to improve their smile but feel that we are only able to offer complicated and expensive restorative treatments. While we do offer more complex treatments that can make drastic changes to the appearance of your smile, we do have one simple treatment that can still provide dramatic results in a short time period. Read on to learn more about this popular treatment.

Meet a Valued Team Member — Molly

At Kewaskum Family Dentistry, we believe in offering quality dental care for the whole family. We treat our patients like our own family while also offering the latest dental techniques. Our team is dedicated to providing you with pleasant visits as well as amazing results that you will love to show off. We love that each and every team member shares this philosophy and always provides our patients with the very best care and service. We want to take some time this month and share a little more about one of our team members — our dental assistant Molly.

Root Canals Aren’t Scary

Have you recently learned that you need a root canal and are nervous about receiving treatment? Unfortunately, root canals have a bad reputation, but it’s not justified. A root canal can not only save your natural teeth, but can help eliminate severe discomfort as well. We want to help ease your mind about this common dental treatment. Read on to learn more about root canal therapy.

3 Reasons To Replace Missing Teeth

At Kewaskum Family Dentistry, we do everything possible to save your natural teeth, but we are not always successful. There can be a number of reasons a patient might be missing a tooth or need to have a tooth extracted, such as severe decay, trauma to the mouth or complications from an illness or medication. No matter the reason, we know that it can be traumatic to deal with the emotions and decisions that need to be made about the empty space in your mouth. Many patients wonder whether their missing teeth need to be replaced at all. This is a common question, especially when a rear molar needs to be removed. We encourage each patient to replace their missing teeth no matter the location in the mouth.

Important Reasons Not To Delay Dental Treatment

Have we recently recommended a dental treatment and you have been postponing your appointment? Adulthood is not always simple. It can be very easy to let the “to do” list take over and put your needs and desires on the back burner. Whether you have a family, you are burdened with the requirements of your job, or you just feel the stress of daily life, all too often your needs are put to the side to deal with another time. Unfortunately, more times than not, the delay turns into a much longer time period than expected. We see it time and again with our patients. If you are in need of a dental treatment, we encourage you to take the time and put yourself first. Delaying and postponing dental treatment can lead to serious complications with your oral and overall health. Read on to learn more.

MLS Laser – A Unique Approach To Healing and Recovery

At Kewaskum Family Dentistry, we are continuously looking for ways to improve and enhance our patients’ experience. Our goal is to help patients feel more comfortable during treatments and during recovery. Thanks to the advancements in technology, we are always upgrading and improving the techniques and appliances we use with our patients. One in particular, the MLS Laser, or the Multi-Wave Lock System Laser, is a great treatment modality that can improve patients’ healing and recovery time with a number of conditions. Click here to watch a short video of Dr. Klasinski explaining the many uses of the MLS Laser and why it is beneficial to treatment.

Is It Really That Important To See The Dentist Every 6 Months?

When was your last visit to our office for a routine hygiene examination and cleaning? We encourage patients to visit regularly not only so we can check for tooth decay and clean and polish their teeth, but also so we look for other harmful conditions that can lead to serious oral and overall health complications. One condition we inspect for is gum disease, which affects approximately half of American adults. Read on to learn more about this common disease and to see if you may be experiencing symptoms.