Dental Emergency Tips

We hope that you are having an amazing summer spending time doing your favorite activities. With any activity, there is always the potential for an accident or emergency to happen. Even something as simple as a stumble or bump can cause damage to your teeth and mouth. A dental injury can range from something simple such as a bite on the tongue to something as severe as the loss of a tooth. The most important thing to do when dealing with any form of emergency is to remain calm and access the situation. We want to help you be prepared if you should encounter a dental emergency this summer.

Root Canals Aren’t Scary

Have you recently learned that you need a root canal and are nervous about receiving treatment? Unfortunately, root canals have a bad reputation, but it’s not justified. A root canal can not only save your natural teeth, but can help eliminate severe discomfort as well. We want to help ease your mind about this common dental treatment. Read on to learn more about root canal therapy.

MLS Laser – A Unique Approach To Healing and Recovery

At Kewaskum Family Dentistry, we are continuously looking for ways to improve and enhance our patients’ experience. Our goal is to help patients feel more comfortable during treatments and during recovery. Thanks to the advancements in technology, we are always upgrading and improving the techniques and appliances we use with our patients. One in particular, the MLS Laser, or the Multi-Wave Lock System Laser, is a great treatment modality that can improve patients’ healing and recovery time with a number of conditions. Click here to watch a short video of Dr. Klasinski explaining the many uses of the MLS Laser and why it is beneficial to treatment.

Do you know about this other important November holiday?

We feel like we were just sharing tips to care for your teeth over the summer, and here we are already in the middle of fall! Time sure does fly by! We are sure that many of our patients are preparing for their Thanksgiving festivities, but we don’t want them to forget about the important day that follows turkey day. No, we aren’t talking about planning out your shopping trip in honor of the retail holiday Black Friday. Read on to learn about the lesser-known holiday you should be celebrating on November 26th.

Dental Tips For Healthier Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and we know that many of our patients, particularly our younger patients, are counting down the days until they can wear their costumes and parade around the neighborhood collecting candy and treats. While this is certainly an exciting time, it can also be a time that added sugar can wreak havoc on your oral health. We wanted to take some time and offer some tips to teach our young patients and remind our older patients how to have a healthier Halloween this year.

Knowing When To Say Goodbye To The Pacifier

Do you have a young child or loved one who is always grabbing for their pacifier or continuously sucks their thumb? It is not uncommon for many infants to use these methods to help as a self-soothing technique. It is also a common coping mechanism as a child gets a little older to help them feel calm and not overwhelmed by a situation. As easy as it is for a parent to use these methods to help a child during a tantrum or a sleepless night, at a certain age, pacifier use and thumbsucking become a problem with regard to teeth. Continue reading to learn more about the effect they can have on the teeth.

Extra Protection In The Fight Against Cavities

Do you find that you frequently have food stuck in your teeth, even after brushing? Or maybe this happens to someone you are close to. It is not uncommon for a number of patients, especially children, to have food remaining in the deep grooves of the back molars after brushing. This leads to lingering bacteria and becomes a breeding ground for tooth decay, eventually resulting in cavities. Children are especially susceptible to this due to their habit of frequent snacking. We offer a treatment solution that can aid in the prevention of cavities on the back molars. Continue reading to learn more.

You Are Safe With Us

Many of us are living a bit differently than we were just 8 months ago. We’ve drastically changed our routines, and most of us have put more emphasis on hygiene and personal safety. Unfortunately, this means that some patients have put off their regular hygiene appointments and dental treatments, which can lead to oral health problems. We’re here to tell our patients that there’s no need to put appointments off any longer. We have made some additions to our sanitation and cleaning routines to help keep our patients and our team stay safe and healthy.

Importance Of Proper Arch Development

Parents want what is best for their children in every way. Many parents are well aware of the specific milestones that children should reach during the first eighteen months of life. However, there are several important growth and development factors that must be evaluated in each child during the first decade of life. Surprisingly, it is the dentist who becomes the guardian of normal facial growth and development for young children to achieve the following: