3 Tips For A Great First Dentist Visit

Do you have a child or young loved one who is due for their first dental appointment? You may be surprised to learn that we recommend a child visit the dentist for the first time around their first birthday or within six months of getting their first tooth. Do you have an older child who needs to visit our office for the first time? Not to worry! We know the last few years have been overwhelming and hectic, and the good news is it’s never too late to visit our office. We understand that first-time visitors to our office can be a little nervous, especially our young patients. We have some tips that will be helpful to keep in mind before your visit. Read on to learn more.

Knowing When To Say Goodbye To The Pacifier

Do you have a young child or loved one who is always grabbing for their pacifier or continuously sucks their thumb? It is not uncommon for many infants to use these methods to help as a self-soothing technique. It is also a common coping mechanism as a child gets a little older to help them feel calm and not overwhelmed by a situation. As easy as it is for a parent to use these methods to help a child during a tantrum or a sleepless night, at a certain age, pacifier use and thumbsucking become a problem with regard to teeth. Continue reading to learn more about the effect they can have on the teeth.

Importance Of Proper Arch Development

Parents want what is best for their children in every way. Many parents are well aware of the specific milestones that children should reach during the first eighteen months of life. However, there are several important growth and development factors that must be evaluated in each child during the first decade of life. Surprisingly, it is the dentist who becomes the guardian of normal facial growth and development for young children to achieve the following: