Treat Yourself To A Smile You Love

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? February is a month filled with the celebration of love. If you don’t love your smile, now is the perfect time to do something special for yourself and make a change. Whether you want to show off your smile to a special someone or stare at yourself in the mirror admiring your grin, we have the perfect solution to make a change that you will love. Continue reading to learn more about this popular treatment.

Do You Know What You Should Be Especially Grateful For?

It’s hard to believe that another year is almost over. With the start of November, many of us have reached the time of year where we start to reflect on all we are thankful for. Most of us would list family, friends, home, health, and careers as reasons we are thankful. Can you think of another important part of your life that you should be especially grateful for? We can, and it may surprise you. Continue reading to see why.

The Natural Cavity Fighter

As a natural cavity fighter, fluoride is important in maintaining oral health. Fluoride is even added to some countries’ public water supplies, including the United States, to help citizens maintain good oral health. What is fluoride? It is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in the environment. Teeth receive and lose minerals everyday through the enamel coating. Acid attacks the enamel when minerals are lost. Fluoride works to protect the enamel by making the surface of the teeth resistant to harm done by acidic foods and drinks.